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Airport Pick-up

Our buddies arrange for your pick up from the airport and drop you to your choice of stay. So, the moment you land at your destination, we get associated with you and assist you at each step. What’s more, female buddies to assist our female customers.



Trust us in finding the best accommodation that suits your budget. Just let us know your requirements of location. Our buddies or associate partners will find you the best place to stay.

National Identification Number

We help you apply for the National Identification Number a prerequisite for any service in a foreign country. Right from filling in the application to arranging the related documents to be attached, we guide you through the process.


Buying SIM connection

Stay connected with your loved ones back home, sharing all nostalgic moments with them throughout your stay in a foreign country. We do the needful, and depending on the requirement, we suggest different plans and products that fit the bill.

Bank Account Opening

Financial transactions cannot be done without a bank account, so our buddy can get your bank account opened within days of your landing at your destination.

Neighbourhood Tours

In a new country, all your tours and travel plans can be handled by Settleezee. Our buddies make sure your travel plans are well addressed by managing the tickets, packages, hotel stay, and much more.

Seminar and Workshops

We understand that any additional knowledge related to the city/country you choose for immigration is always going to add value. Therefore, we bring you the list of all the seminars and conferences related to your field of interest. We arrange for the passes or pre-book the slots accordingly.