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Tourist Visa for UK

The United Kingdom comprising England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, particularly for sub-continent. UK has thriving Banking, IT, and Construction sectors.  It is the world’s 6th largest economy with approx. 3 Trillion USD GDP. It has a population of 6.7 cr. More than 31 million tourists visited the UK in 2023. It has lots of popular tourist destinations from Stonehenge, the Tower of London, Lakes in Scotland, Oxford & Cambridge Universities, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle etc.

More than 31 million tourists visited UK in 2023.

  1. Create a login (email ID) for each applicant and save the password/login for future use. (
  2. Completed Visa Application Form for each applicant /family member
  3. Date Of Birth, Marital Status, Place of Birth for family members parents of self /spouse
  4. Scan copy of all old Passports and current Passports (with validity > 6 months)
  5. Two Passport Size Photographs with 80% face shown on a white background
  6. Details of previous PR or citizenship other than India (if applicable)
  7. Financial Proof including a bank balance of GBP 4000 per applicant
  8. The last 3 months of bank statements show an adequate balance in the SB account. The statement must show the correct name and address of the applicant
  9. Net Worth Statement if possible (by CA covering financial assets (FD/Shares/MFs/ Bonds and Non-Financial Assets Incl. Property/Jewellery/Car etc)
  10. Last 3 years ITR (for self-employed) or last 3 months salary slip (for salaried)
  11. Credit Card Statement (not mandatory)
  12. Proof of Accommodation in UK hotel booking confirmation/hotel address etc
  13. If you are staying with a friend or family member, then share a letter of invitation from the host (who should be a UK national or legal resident)
  14. Tuberculosis Test Results from approved labs in India
  15. International Travel History or visa application status to the UK (for any type of visa)
  16. Permanent and Mailing Addresses and contact details for all family members including mobile number /email ID for all visa applicants
  17. Name, Address, Mobile, email ID, and relationship for all close relatives residing in the UK
  18. Application letter stating the purpose of travel to the visa officer and travel itinerary
  19. In case you are a
    • government employee, then you need an NOC from the department
    • self-employed – then submit business registration documents including date of commencement (GST certificate/Cert of Incorp or Partnership Deed)
    • salaried –letter from your employer confirming your position, employment period
    • student – confirmation letter from college/school including leave approval
    • minor – date of birth certificate, letter signed by both parents confirming details of anyone accompanying the minor, passport copy of parents
  20. Pay Tourist Visa Application Fees
  21. Provide your biometrics (fingerprints and facial photograph)
  22. Purchase Overseas Mediclaim /Travel Insurance before you board a flight to the UK

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